Raccoons are crafty critters and they are capable of serious home damage. Despite their size, they are capable of leaving behind a large mass of droppings and soiled insulation. Indianapolis homeowners should be cautious about any suspicious potential raccoon activity near their house, business, or outbuildings. Our full-service technicians are standing by and ready to put their knowledge and years of experience to good use helping remove raccoons from your home. Call today at  (317) 279-4582 or click HERE to contact us and get rid of raccoons for seasons to come!

Getting Rid of Raccoons

Getting rid of a raccoon isn't as easRaccoons in yard Indianapolisy as it sounds. Raccoons are known for their shrewd intelligence and they can often find clever ways around obstacles and poorly set traps. Critter Control of Indianapolis is trained to effectively resolve raccoon problems. As a full-service wildlife company, Critter Control provides a range of wildlife control services, including:

  • Trapping and removal of raccoons
  • Insulation restoration due to raccoon damage
  • Raccoon damage repair
  • Raccoon prevention & management

Common Raccoon Issues in Indianapolis

Often labeled as a "dumpster-diver," raccoons have been known to raid trash cans and dumpsters for food near residential areas. Raccoons will also invade homes to seek safe shelter for their offspring. Once inside, a raccoon is capable of causing a number of damages, such as:

  • Excessive chewing on furniture, carpet, roofs, walls, electrical wires, etc
  • Urine and excrement odors and stains
  • Transmission of viruses, diseases, and other parasites into your home
  • Garden and landscape damages

Raccoon Removal Services

If you are experiencing a raccoon problem in your Indianapolis home or business, please give us a call. Our team has years of experience in dealing with raccoons and other common wildlife animals, and we are ready to help! Call today at  (317) 279-4582 or click HERE to contact us. 

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Raccoons will often target the attic, crawlspace, chimney, or basement of a home. They can be super sneaky.
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