• Rabbits are known as grazer animals and are notorious for damaging plants and grass.
  • They will chew up your gardens and plants, leaving you with an expensive landscaping disaster.
  • Rabbits are active animals year-round, but tend to cause the most damage as the weather gets warmer.
  • Traverse City Critter Control receives high volumes of rabbit damage calls in the springtime.


  • There are a few ways to identify if you have a rabbit problem around your home.
  • As mentioned above, rabbits will chew up your garden and landscaping vegetation, particularly new shoots in the spring.
  • You can also identify rabbit problems by tracking their droppings and footprints.
  • If you start to notice a regular pattern in rabbit droppings, footprints and chewed vegetation around your home, a Critter Control professional should be called to determine how severe the rabbit problem may be.


Critter Control professionals in your area are fully qualified to handle any unwanted rabbit situation. To get rid of rabbits, we typically implement a trapping solution to reduce the number of rabbits around your home. To keep rabbits from chewing up your landscaping, deterrents may be placed directly on the plants.

Methods for rabbit removal and keeping rabbits out may also include fencing and netting solutions to protect your shrubs and plants. The most effective solution for getting rid of rabbits would include several of these rabbit removal techniques.

If you need assistance with getting rid of rabbits around your home, are experiencing a rabbit damage problem, or want to remove rabbits from your garden, contact a Traverse City Critter Control professional for effective rabbit removal services.

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