Chipmunks are a nuisance to many homeowners all across the United States, including Indiana. Like many wildlife animals, chipmunks often make their way into human homes looking for shelter and food sources. We can help you chipmunk-proof your home to avoid potential issues with these little rodents. Call Critter Control of Indianapolis for more information or to schedule an inspection today!  (317) 279-4582

Getting Rid of Indianapolis Chipmunks

  • Chipmunks in IndianapolisChipmunks are very small, so they can easily locate small entry holes in your home. Our technicians know what to look for to catch these crafty critters.
  • Common entry points are open doors and windows, and openings in your walls or roof, so our technicians are thorough in examining and sealing potential entry points.

Common Chipmunk Problems

  • The main issue posed by chipmunks is their tendency to destroy crops and cause aesthetic damage to fields with their burrowing habits.
  • Like other rodents, chipmunks have a habit of gnawing on human items. Commonly chewed items include soft materials like books, boxes, electrical wires, wood furniture, plastics, etc..
  • Chipmunks can leave behind droppings and urine inside your house, and like many wildlife animals, the amount left behind can accumulate rather quickly and cause health issues. Feces and urine will not only stain your home but will leave behind a strong and unpleasant scent.

Residential Chipmunk Removal Services

Removing chipmunks can be a challenging job, especially if you're doing it yourself. Some things you can do to help discourage chipmunks from coming onto your property or into your home include putting away pet food and water sources, trimming nearby shrubs. Our technicians can trap and remove chipmunks from your property. We will also set up prevention and exclusion methods to keep them out for seasons to come!

Instead, you should call Critter Control today; we will help you with all of your chipmunk-related problems!  (317) 279-4582

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Are you hearing strange noises coming from your attic or crawlspace? You may have a chipmunk hiding in your house! Chipmunks might be cute, but they're dangerous to have in your house.
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