Reclusive and nocturnal, Bobcats are medium-sized felines sometimes called Wildcats. The name bobcat derives from the animal's relatively short tail that appears cut or "bobbed." While they naturally occur in nearly every climate across the continental United States, bobcats have also begun to appear in suburban settings. They are carnivorous and hunt and eat rodents, rabbits, birds, small deer, and reptiles.


Bobcats can be found in various regions of the United States. They are highly adaptable animals and live in forested areas in the north, deserts in the west, and marshlands in the south. Typically solitary animals, bobcats sleep in hidden dens such as hollowed or fallen trees, brush, and thickets, or in rocky fissures. As they are generally nocturnal animals, bobcat sightings are quite uncommon.

Common Bobcat Problems

Bobcats are extremely territorial animals. With this being said, they rarely venture onto private property. They can cause a list of serious issues for homeowners.
  • The can be nuisances for livestock and small pets.
  • They can be dangerous to people when provoked.
  • Destruction of property.

Trapping and Removal

Attempting to trap and remove bobcats without professional assistance can be dangerous. It's best to contact your local Critter Control office and have the professionals take care of your bobcat problem. Critter Control has the experience, tools, and expertise to take care of your problem.

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