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Approximately 10 species of blackbirds occur regularly throughout the Nearctic region of the world. Some of the most common species include the Brewer's blackbird, red-winged blackbird, rusty blackbird, and yellow-headed blackbird. While each species differs slightly in their nesting and feeding habits, most blackbirds share the same coloration and flocking behaviors.

Common Black Bird Problems

  • Black Birds often feed in large flocks, blackbirds are capable of devastating entire fields of corn, rice, and other crop plants
  • Black Birds leave behind collections of droppings, which may contain harmful bacteria.

Black Bird Removal Services

Various species of blackbirds become aggressive when they feel their nests are in danger. Red-winged blackbirds, for example, will attack horses and even people they feel threaten their territory. As such, individuals should not attempt to approach populations of blackbirds. Instead, contact our Critter Control technicians who have the tools and training to remove the birds in the safest way possible.

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The term blackbird loosely refers to a diverse group of about 10 species of North American birds that belong to the subfamily Icterinae. The various species of blackbirds have several traits in common
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