Beavers' biggest contribution to landscape damage is the damage caused by their dams. They generally do not come into homes, so the majority of their damage is due to the risk of flooding. If you see beaver activity on your property, call our Indianapolis office at  (317) 279-4582. 

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Beaver problems IndianapolisA few methods that can useful in trapping beaver include: 

  • Live trapping
  • Habitat modification

Common Beaver Issues

  • Their dams are made of sticks and mud. As a result, beavers dam rivers in order to stop water flow.
  • The outcome of this process is vibrant ecosystems that provide ideal living conditions for various species of water fowl and insects, as well as beavers.
  • The animal can be found in large lakes and rivers, as well.
  • Although beavers only affect property near sources of water, the damage caused by beaver dams can affect entire communities.
  • In addition to felled trees and other plant damage, beaver damming can induce flooding and present real problems for area residents.
  • Beavers will slap their tails on water as a warning to threats. Potential flood threats should be taken care of immediately.

Full-Service Beaver Removal

Trapping is best conducted by the wildlife professionals found at Critter Control. Never attempt to touch beavers as they may bite when threatened. Having dealt with beaver problems in the past, our technicians have know-how and removal tools at their disposal. Professional beaver removal, if done correctly, can prevent future incursions and eliminate the dangers of both personal and animal injury. We can help you get rid of beaver problems — call us at  (317) 279-4582.

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Beavers do not move too far from water sources, as they're vital to survival. Properties in close proximity to bodies of water, like lakes, rivers, and ponds, are most at risk of beaver infestation.
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