Indianapolis bats are a nuisance for homeowners and business owners across the city. If you are noticing bats in your attic or have found bats in your walls, contact our office today at  (317) 279-4582 or contact us HERE.

Keeping Bats Out of Your Indianapolis Home

Indianapolis bat removalIndianapolis' Critter Control will employ more than one way of removing and preventing bats from coming into your home. We recommend calling a professional wildlife removal company as soon as you suspect an issue, to prevent the problem from getting unmanageable quickly.

  • Regardless of the size of your problem, your technician will always search thoroughly for the entry points through which the bats might be getting (as small as 6mm, the size of a dime). Our trained technicians have an eye for small entry points such as this that you may not think to look for or be able to spot.
  • Your technician will make sure to cover all the vents, chimneys, window gaps and other assorted holes they may locate inside and around your home.
  • One-way vents are also helpful in getting rid of bats because they are unable to re-enter through the vent.

Common Bat Problems

  • Rooms in your Indianapolis home where bats have congregated (commonly attics), will accumulate feces and urine. Bat guano, in particular, can make people sick if it's not properly removed as quickly as possible.
  • Bat feces can carry a disease known as histoplasmosis.
  • These droppings may lead to permanent staining which will require professional services.
  • We would recommend that you do not handle bats, because they can bite or scratch, causing sometimes deadly injury.

Bat Removal Services

Once removed, Critter Control will complete the necessary steps to keep bats from re-entering your home. We will cover or seal all vents, holes, chimneys, windows, and gaps leading inside of the home.

We can help you get rid of bat control problems in Indianapolis. Give Critter Control a call today at 317.708.3867 for expert bat removal!

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There are many different types of bats in the world, most being insectivores and extremely beneficial to humans. One of the largest problems with bats in the home is the amount of droppings that accumulate.
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