Despite their small stature, badgers are far more fierce than you'd expect. You certainly don't want one on your property, making aggressive advances toward you and your pets. Although they are far more likely to cause damage to your property than you, badgers should still not be handled. Critter Control of Indianapolis can help — call us at 317.708.3867 or fill out some information here.


  • Badger removal IndianapolisExclusion methods can be expensive, as the critters are extremely capable diggers.
  • Fencing off areas requires extra materials that feed into and over the ground.
  • Limiting available food can keep badgers away, though badger diets are diverse, which complicates the process.

Common Badger Problems

  • Pet owners who live in areas with populations of badgers should act immediately to either remove the creatures or guard pets from possible encounters, as badgers can inflict serious injury to domestic animals when threatened.

Badger Removal Services

The problem with DIY trapping attempts is that they can put both the trapper and pest in danger. Badgers are aggressive and will do everything in their power to scare off possible predators. Professional removal is the only way to ensure the job is done correctly and safely. Critter Control technicians effectively capture offending badgers and construct plans to prevent future problems. We can help you get rid of badger problems; call us today at 317.708.3867!

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With way more courage than you'd expect from a relatively small animal, badgers are well-known for being aggressive toward animals as large as grizzly bears.
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