What Do Skunk Tracks Look Like?

Skunk tracksMost people can identify a skunk from their distinct black and white coloring and their offensive odor, but property owners can also use footprints as a way to assess the presence of Indianapolis area skunks. 

Skunks tracks can be easily confused with those of the common house cat due to their similarities. Both animals possess a five-toed paw and both have long claws. One difference is that skunks cannot retract their claws, so skunk tracks will leave larger nail impressions. Another way to tell is the heels of a skunk — they are are longer than those of a cat, and the rear prints have a distinct heel pad that is usually between 2–2.5" in length. 

Additional Signs of a Skunk Infestation

In addition to noticing tracks, there are other ways for home and property owners to detect a skunk infestation. For instance, skunks are notorious diggers that will dig in order to find sources of food, as well as to create new denning sites. It is not uncommon for skunks to dig under building slabs, which can then cause structural damage over time. Contact Us for expert skunk remediation!

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