Professional Wildlife Control

Wildlife Trapping IndianapolisDo you hear noises in your attic or in your walls? If you answered yes to either of these there is a serious underlying issue that needs professional services. Here at Critter Control of Indianapolis highly recommend that you do NOT try to trap and remove these animals yourself. Our professional technicians are here to help assist you in keeping yourself, family and pets safe from any danger or diseases. 

If you are suspicious that there are wildlife animals in your home or on your property, call Critter Control of Indianapolis today at 317-584-5839 or use our online form here! 

Common Wildlife Problems 

Having wild animals in your home can be a nightmare and can escalate quickly. Many wildlife animals will leave behind a great mess of droppings, torn insulation, and holes. After the animal is removed, Critter Control will get rid of the additional messes that have been left behind from the animals. Here at Critter Control of Indianapolis, we want to save you the hassle and headache of trying to take care of these problems yourself. 

Our professional technicians have experience in handling whatever wildlife control problem you are facing. Our technicians can get rid of:

  • Squirrels in the attic
  • Raccoons in the chimney
  • Moles in the yard
  • Opossums in the crawl space
  • Woodchucks in the garden
  • Skunks under the home

We want to get rid of the animals, their messes, and also keep the animals out for good! Our residential wildlife control services are long-term and effective. Critter Control is experienced in getting rid of wildlife control problems in Indianapolis. Call us today at 317-584-5839!

No Domestic Animal Calls

Though we are thoroughly experienced in residential wildlife control services, we are not an animal control company. For help with domestic animals, please contact your local animal shelter.

No domestic animal calls please