Restoring Insulation & Repairing Damaged Attics

Attic Restoring Supplies Indianapolis Critter Control of Indianapolis specializes in removing animals from your attic and restoring the damage that the wildlife may have caused. If you think there is wildlife in your attic, give Critter Control of Indianapolis a call today at 317-584-5839or use our handy contact form here! 

The wildlife animal has been removed from the attic, but you're not done with the wildlife removal process yet. Wildlife animals are commonly found nesting in the attics of homes and can be responsible for issues you may not even consider.

Raccoons, squirrels, mice, and other animals carry ectoparasites, which will seek a new host once the wildlife host is evicted...YOU! Bat bugs, mites, ticks, and fleas are a few of the ectoparasites that could be left in your attic. Mice in the attic, bats in the attic, and raccoons in the attic are notorious for bringing these pests into your home.

Wildlife droppings in your attic will ruin insulation and reduce the "R" value. Animal feces in the attic may also lead to stained ceilings and terrible odors. Critter Control of Indianapolis offers professional attic restoration services to get rid of soiled insulation and replace it with your choice of the insulation product. We are able to prepare insurance bids with most major insurance companies and get your attic back in shape quickly!

Process For Restoring Your Attic 

  • Step 1: Remove all current insulation in attics and remove large feces by hand with protective gloves or an industrial vacuum

  • Step 2: If necessary, remove the small feces from the attic using a HEPA filtered vacuum.

  • Step 3: Fog the entire attic with a disinfectant-virucide-deodorizer.

  • Step 4: Replace soffit baffles and recessed light covers as necessary.

  • Step 5: Install new, energy-efficient insulation.

Attic Insulation Services

The proper amount of attic insulation will help reduce your energy bills. Contact Critter Control to inspect your current insulation level. Our Indianapolis technicians can install insulation to bring your attic up to the recommended level of insulation.

Many insulation materials can be difficult to work with. Let the professionals at Critter Control of Indianapolis complete your attic insulation installation. We will remove attic insulation that has been soiled and damaged with wildlife droppings and dispose of it.

Critter Control of Indianapolis will inspect your attic and restore your attic once they remove the wildlife. Call and schedule your inspection today 317-584-5839

Warning: If you think you have vermiculite insulation in your attic, there's a chance it could contain asbestos. Don't disturb it. Only attic insulation contractors certified to handle and remove asbestos should deal with vermiculite insulation.